About Trish

Trish is a self taught embroiderer who has spent many years developing her unique style of long and short stitch embroidery.  She has written several books on the technique, contributed widely to magazines and teaches throughout South Africa and overseas.

Her work included flowers, birds and portraits where she has devised means to add minute details to her subjects.  Her emphasis on light and shadow bring her embroidery alive and the artistic use of colour further enhances the three dimensional effect of her work.

Trish willingly shares her knowledge with fellow embroiderers, to quote in her own words:

“We need to keep hand embroidery alive - if we hug our ideas to ourselves, they will become lost and worthless in the future.  If I give you a gift, I no longer have it, you do.  However, if I give you an idea then we both have it, and if you share this idea with others then we have expanded on it and can watch it grow.”

When asked where she finds the time she states “I don’t find time, I make it.”

Trish lives in Cape town, South Africa with her husband and three children.